Pet Owners Beware.

Dogs Killed, Injured At PetSmart And Petco Stores.

Don’t Let Your Companion Be Next

These giant corporations deal in volume. The animals they sell come from cruel mass-breeding mills, where they’re crammed into crowded bins; deprived of food, water, and veterinary care; and killed by being bashed against tables or gassed in coolers. The grooming businesses shove animals through quickly and often carelessly. The boarding facilities, like PetSmart’s Pets Hotel, are just as bad. Many dogs and other animals have become ill or died, often from neglect, after being left at one of these boarding businesses.

Profit is their priority, and as a result, countless animals have strangled after being left unattended on grooming tables; overheated in cage dryers; been badly cut on the ears by clippers; and been screamed at, roughly handled, punched, kicked, and strangled by frustrated, impatient, and abusive groomers at these chains’ stores. An investigation conducted by NJ Advance Media confirmed these disturbing findings after examining the suspicious deaths of 47 dogs who died during or shortly after PetSmart grooming appointments between 2008 and 2018. The investigation uncovered “secret agreements,” poor training, and pressure put on employees to meet sales quotas.

Let the heartbreaking stories below serve as reminders that companionship is not something that can be capitalized upon and that these corporations have no regard for animals’ lives, in either their stores windows or grooming salons.

Animals Injured And Killed At PetSmart And Petco Grooming Salons And Boarding Facilities

While PETA has been alerted to countless other incidents and many have gone unreported, here are just some of the many animals whose suffering and deaths in PetSmart and Petco grooming salons and boarding facilities have made the news:

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Annika and Speck. According to Annika Nash, her dog Speck came out of a grooming at a New Jersey PetSmart lethargic and unable to walk. His condition never improved and a veterinarian recommended the dog be euthanized, Nash said. PetSmart declined to comment on the case.
Dozens of dogs are dying after PetSmart visits and families are struggling to understand why. Read the full investigation, “Groomed, then Gone” at